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Integrated Energy Management Paid Internship
Join us to meet our project goals of $10,000 and 200 donors

An interdisciplinary and integrated understanding of energy resources is integral to finding comprehensive solutions to the management of energy systems in today’s rapidly changing world. A broad range of human, environmental, political, economic, and technological factors are at work shaping the future of current energy landscapes, and it is the mission of the Integrated Energy Management Program to prepare students to be active participants in that emerging future. 

The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Energy Management (IEM) take these factors in consideration and provides students with an interdisciplinary education experience that includes the integration of both traditional fossil fuel-based and greener alternative energy. Select students will have the opportunity to engage in a credit-bearing business-hosted extended (up to six months) paid internships with participating businesses. This applied learning experience happens in a student’s junior or senior year, and allows for the student to: put in practice what they have learned in the classroom; receive credit towards their degree; and receive specialized training from a company that they may work for after graduation. These experiences are possible because of donors like you who provide much needed funding to students through paid internships, scholarships, and mentor teachers.

A paid internship with a mentor faculty allows students to gain valuable experience while still earning money to pay for their education.

We need you to help us give the IEM students the experiences they need to excel as the future professionals who will help solve many energy issues. Your investment in the IEM Paid Internship will support future Energy Management professionals while simultaneously improving energy systems to reduce global warming.

Help us reach our goal of providing every IEM student with a paid internship mentored by a faculty member in the IEM program. Support IEM students by allowing them to complete a paid internship today!

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Rank Project Raised
1 College of Business Scholarships $56,000.00
2 Students First Fund $45,970.06
3 Nick on the Rocks $11,805.00
4 Wildcat Athletics $11,195.00
5 Office of International Studies and Programs $4,825.00
6 ROTC Obstacle and Physical Fitness Course $2,170.00
7 Geology Field Scholarships $1,800.00
8 CWU Libraries Fund for Excellence $1,785.00
9 Brooks/Cutright Scholarship for LIS $1,750.00
10 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics $1,625.00
11 DHC Student Emergency Fund $1,060.00
12 Many Faces of Entrepreneurship $1,055.00
13 Biology $875.00
14 Nancy Hultquist Memorial Student Award $700.00
15 Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction $575.00
16 Douglas Honors College $475.00
17 College of Arts and Humanities $450.00
18 The I.V.A.N. Foundation Scholarship $315.00
19 Stock the Shelves: New PUSH Centralized Pantry $275.00
20 College of the Sciences $250.00
21 Primate Research Support $250.00
22 Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities $215.00
23 Native Landscaping $210.00
24 Northwest Center for Sport $200.00
25 STEM Teachers Matter $200.00
26 Air Force ROTC Scholarship $200.00
27 Cap and Gown Fund $175.00
28 Cultural Competencies Scholarship $125.00
29 Health Sciences $125.00
30 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) $125.00
31 College of Education and Professional Studies $115.00
32 Changing Museums Internship $100.00
33 Chemistry Scholarships $100.00
34 Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP) $100.00
35 Anthropology Microgrants for Transfer Students $40.00
36 ITAM FlexIT $25.00
37 Wine Studies Study Abroad Program $10.00
38 College of the Sciences Scholarships $0.00
39 Cultivating Sustainability in CWU’s Laboratories $0.00
40 CWU Retirement Association Graduate Scholarship $0.00
41 Integrated Energy Management Paid Internship $0.00
42 Sports and Movement Studies $0.00
43 Thayer Grants Program $0.00
Rank State Gifts
1 NONE 0
1 AA 0
1 AE 0
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